About Mill Warehouse

Kasten Building Supply LLC was established in 2005. However, the name Kasten can be traced back to the year 1968 when Harold C. Kasten formed Harold C. Kasten Building Center, Inc. Harold and his wife Marie purchased a section of property in an industrial area of Jackson, MO. which was the former “Mill A” of the Cape County Milling Co. For many years and dating back to an estimated year of 1883 Mill A processed and ground wheat into flour and one of the flour products called ‘Gold Medal’ was made and distributed in the U.S.A. and even exported to Europe. Some of the photos shown on our site portrays what a massive building complex this was at one time.

Upon purchase of the Mill A property, Harold had some of the buildings demolished due to periodical burglaries and vandalism associated with them. The building where Harold started his retail storefront and full service lumberyard was the warehouse portion of Mill A and he co-named the location Mill Warehouse and still kept his actual business name as well. Harold worked and managed his business until his death in 1982 and at that point, one of his three daughters, Rita and her husband Gene continued the operation until 1993 when they closed the business.

In the early 2000’s Gene and Rita’s son, Philip had an idea of opening a specialty wood products business consisting of finish grade hardwood lumber, plywood and mouldings. Since the area had a vast number of custom cabinet shops this seemed like a good fit as a supplier for the area and community and in 2005 Philip formed Kasten Building Supply LLC and had operations in a 8800 sq.ft. warehouse located just North of the former Mill A complex. In 2018, due to some local lumberyard ownership changes, Philip saw another opportunity and formed Mill Warehouse Building Supply and started a storefront and operations in the exact some building as it was in 1968 when Harold started his dream business. Harold would undoubtedly be proud of the generational advancement of his thoughts and actions of more than 50 years ago. Philip also appreciates the heritage of his family and the history associated in the Jackson, MO area.

Mill Warehouse Building Supply
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